Wednesday, April 25, 2007

specially meet friends in switzerland

all i met is vip,this time show some specially met friend to me,not the all (someones i can't find the photo easy) i hide they are name,but want say many thanks to them,let my first time travel switzerland get valuable memorise! :D

your friend



Jean-Luc said...

It is nice to see all these pictures, but we would like to know some of your feelings about Switzerland. Do not forget to write your thoughts on the trip.

I hope you can come to Europe as soon as possible

NannyOgg said...

Always wonderful to meet friends, I am really enjoying all the pictures you have been posting!

Yuki Nabe said...

I really like the pictures :) i am sure you had your fun on the trip. And i hope you ate some icecream ^_^

greetings silentsnow

Nathan said...

... when are you going to be coming to America? We can go see a movie and then eat some pizza, then play basketball and maybe chess. You must come soon!